Thursday, August 18, 2011

Workin it

I just put this "tips jar" together and I totally love it. I'm even using it as a color choice aid.

I have started on a granny square afghan using the colors that are in the jar and can adjust the over all color of the project by the ratio of color I have collected from keeping the ends. So far it's working like a dream. Plus it's so cute! It makes me smile when I use it.

Yea crochet!

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Annemarie said...

Hi! I wanted to let you know that my blog has moved to a new URL. Now that you are a follower of my old blog, perhaps you would like to follow my new one as well? There’s also a link party going on every Saturday. I would love it if you’d hop over and add something. Have a lovely day! Annemarie

sucrette said...

Thank you so much for visiting!
I draw my graphics in Corel draw and I make: "export" to transform them into jpeg images :) It is very easy once you know how to use corel draw :) Hope this helped!
Have a nice day!